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  • UCLA Masters of Graphic Design Catalog Covers

    March 25–May 14, 2004

    The Masters of Graphic Design is a presentation of 14 years of UCLA Extension catalog covers featuring the graphic design and illustration work of the world's leading creative talent.

    This international collection of creators, under the direction of UCLA Extension's Creative Director, InJu Sturgeon, includes:

    Ken Parkhurt (Su85)
    James Cross (Su86)
    Milton Glaser (Su87)
    Deborah Sussman (Su88)
    Woody Pirtle (Su89)
    Paul Rand (W90)
    Lou Danziger (Sp90)
    Bradbury Thompson (Su90)
    Don Morris (Su90)
    Gene Federico (F90)
    Woody Pirtle (W91)
    James Cross (Sp91)
    Eiko Ishioka (Su91)
    April Greiman (Su1991)
    Ken Parkhurst (F91)
    Armin Hofmann (W92)
    Ivan Chermayeff (Sp92)
    Milton Glaser (Su92)
    Peter Good (Su1992)
    Paula Scher (F92)
    Saul Bass (W93)
    Takenobu Igarashi (Sp93)
    Deborah Sussman (Su93)
    Paul Rand (Su1993)
    Vladimir Davydov (F93)
    Rosmarie Tissi (W94)
    Michael Vanderbyl (Sp94)
    Keith Bright (Su94)
    John Coy (Su94)
    Paul Rand (F94)
    Primo Angeli (W95)
    Leo Lionni (Sp95)
    Joan Libera (Su95)
    Keith Bright (Su95)
    April Greiman (F95)
    George Tscherney (W96)
    James Cross (Sp96)
    Joe Molloy (Su96)

    Woody Pirtle (Su96)
    Roland Young (F96)
    Henry Wolf (W97)
    Paul Rand (Sp97)
    John Clark (Su97)
    Ivan Chermayeff (Su97)
    James Miho (F97)
    John Plunkett (W98)
    Lou Dorfsman (Sp98)
    Seymour Chwast (Su98)
    AdamsMorioka (Su98)
    Lee Clow (F98)
    Arnold Schwartzman (W99)
    Margo Chase (Sp99)
    Ivan Chermayeff (Su99)
    Clement Mok (Su99)
    Rod Dyer (F99)
    Scott Mednick (W00)
    Wolfgang Weingart (Sp00)
    T. Wayne Hunt (Su00)
    Joan Libera (Su00)
    Alan Fletcher (F00)
    David Carson (W01)
    Michael Bierut (Sp01)
    Arnold Schwartzman (Su01)
    John Clark (Su2001)
    Noreen Morioka/AdamsMorioka (F01)
    Keith Bright (W02)
    James Cross (Sp02)
    Deborah Sussman (Su02)
    Woody Pirtle (F02)
    Sam and Frank Gehry (W03)
    Woody Pirtle (Sp03)
    Lucille Tenazas (Su03)
    Alexander Gelman (F03)
    Sean Adams/AdamsMorioka (W04)
    John Maeda (Sp04)

    This body of work represents UCLA Extension's ongoing commitment to educational excellence in Southern California. The book and exhibition stand as significant documents of the evolution of graphic design in the late 20th Century.

    Exhibition design: AdamsMorioka, Los Angeles

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