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  • Webinars

    AIGA members have opportunities to learn new skills, get advice on pressing career questions, hear insights from industry leaders and learn how to manage more effectively. 

    Public webcasts

    The following sessions are free and open to the public; AIGA membership is not required to attend.
    “AIGA Insight” webcasts
    Presented alongside an “Insight” series of articles about AIGA programs and advocacy, these webcasts present issues of importance to designers and to the relevance of the creative mind. Each session includes an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

    Free, open to everyone
    “AIGA Voices” webcasts
    “AIGA Voices” offers webcasts of thoughtful influential designers, including AIGA board members, on a wide range of topics. AIGA Voices will offer the kind of diverse and stimulating presentations associated with AIGA conferences.

    Free, open to everyone
    “Open AIGA” webcasts
    AIGA aims to meet its members’ expectations for openness and transparency in its activities. “Open AIGA” is a webcast series that provides background on what AIGA is doing, why and how. Following a short presentation, members will have an opportunity to ask questions of AIGA management.

    Free, open to everyone
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