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    Justified: AIGA Annual Design Competition

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      “Justified” was AIGA's annual design competition from 2012-2014. For this year's competition, "Cased: Case Studies for the AIGA Design Archives," visit www.aiga.org/cased

      2014 selections

      The 2014 “Justified” jury, chaired by Christopher Simmons (MINE™, San Francisco), reviewed all entries based on the clarity of concept or idea, the quality of execution, and aesthetics. Questions the jurors considered include “Did the work do its job? Is it effective? well-crafted? beautifully executed?” Explore the 2014 selections.

      About “Justified”

      The most effective design combines craft, design thinking and passion to solve problems—both complex and simple. Creativity, innovation and inspiration are married with empathy, insight, and systems thinking to achieve great results, meet clients’ objectives, and assert design as a cultural force. “Justified: AIGA Design Competition” collects and showcases the stories behind the best design, to demonstrate the collective success and impact of the design profession. Ready to be inspired? Play the video!

      Past honorees

      Nineteen case studies were selected in 2014.
      Fourteen case studies were selected in 2013
      Eighteen case studies were selected in 2012


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