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    Design for Democracy

    Established in 1998, AIGA Design for Democracy applies design tools and thinking to increase civic participation by making interactions between the U.S. government and its citizens more understandable, efficient and trustworthy. Independent, pragmatic and committed to the public good, Design for Democracy collaborates with researchers, designers and policy-makers in service of public sector clients and AIGA’s goal of “demonstrating the value of design by doing valuable things.”

    Field Guides 150Ballot and election design

    Since 2000, Design for Democracy’s ballot and election design project has worked to make voting easier and more accurate for all U.S. citizens. Recent accomplishments include the “Field Guides To Ensuring Voter Intent” to help county election officials design ballots, write instructions for voters, test ballots for usability and create effective poll worker materials.


    AIGA GOTV 2012 150x150Get Out the Vote

    Every four years AIGA invites members to create nonpartisan posters and videos to inspire the American public to vote. All posters from  AIGA’s 2012 Get Out the Vote campaign are available online in PDF format for you to download, print and hang in your town, and we encourage you to share video and poster entries with your friends, colleagues and social networks.


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    Resources for designers
    Individual designers and local AIGA chapters can make a difference! Learn how.

    Next steps for government officials
    As government looks for ways to be more accessible, transparent and efficient, Design for Democracy can help.

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