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AIGA is introducing new membership categories on August 1!

AIGA is entering its second century, representing an extraordinarily dynamic design profession with relevance, leadership and opportunity. To that end, all designers must be included in One AIGA—thousands of unique and individual talents, yet one influential voice for the profession.

The new membership model gives every designer an affordable chance to belong and an opportunity to express your appreciation; you can choose the membership category that best matches your commitment to the profession and the value of the organization in your career and future.

AIGA offers community, inspiration and opportunities for networking and social engagement through local chapter activities, complemented by regional and national activities that focus on professional development, advocacy, social change and communicating the value of design. Your commitment to a strong AIGA means that work can continue in your community and on initiatives such as advocacy, Design for Good, salary surveys and demonstrating the value of design to business and the public. This is the new AIGA

New membership levels

As of August 1, AIGA will introduce five levels of individual membership, most available with a monthly billing option.


You will also be able to choose “attributes” for your membership profile—such as student, in-house designer, freelancer, etc.—that will help us serve you better.

In addition, group memberships will be easier to maintain, with online tools for managing your group becoming available for the first time. The base price for three members from the same company will be $675. Each additional member is $75 to encourage full studio participation.

What happens next?

Your membership will automatically be converted to the new structure on August 1. When your membership comes up for renewal, we will give you advance warning, and you’ll have the opportunity to adjust your membership level. For more details, read the FAQ.

What should I do now?

1. Update your AIGA.org profile. Your profile is displayed when people find you in the AIGA Designer Directory. Robust profiles strengthen the value of the AIGA network.

2. Select your attributes. You can to select up to two attributes describing yourself; they will help us meet your needs more effectively.


We believe this new membership model will give you the benefits, flexibility and support you need. Read more about the reasoning behind the shift in my AIGA Insight article, and drop me a line if you have questions or concerns.

This is a major transition! It’s possible that we will experience some technical glitches along the way. We thank you in advance for your patience, and we will work diligently with you to resolve issues that are affecting you.



Ric Grefé
AIGA executive director


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