Diversity & Inclusion webcast series

The limited, four-part Diversity & Inclusion webcast series is re-launching this summer.

The second episode of this series, “Building a culture of inclusion: Meet the Diversity & Inclusion task force” airs Thursday June 29 at 12:00 p.m. EST.


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About this episode

During this episode, the AIGA Diversity & Inclusion task force will present its collective work and inform AIGA members and the general community about the origins and the history of the Diversity & Inclusion conversation at AIGA. In addition, each sub-committee lead on the task force will discuss how it provides support within the organization and beyond through awareness building, engagement and outreach strategies. The discussion will explore how D&I can have a transformative effect in our organization.

With this second episode in the webcast series, AIGA signals the need to actively conduct conversations around equity, one of AIGA’s core values. Design for Good is an ethos that has been at the core of AIGA since 2011 and now serves as an umbrella for the following strategic initiatives: Diversity & Inclusion, Design for Democracy, Women Lead and the repositioned Design for Communities (more on that later).

We'll answer questions like:

  • How can we encourage mindfulness of implicit bias and stereotypes and openly address them in our organizations?
  • What are the tools AIGA and its dedicated Diversity & Inclusion task force offer to engage its members and chapters in this conversation?
  • How can diversity and inclusion respond to membership engagement and retention challenges?
  • Can inclusion shape the design industry to make it more relevant?

Guest speakers

Jacinda Walker, AIGA Cleveland
Jacinda is a designer, entrepreneur and instructor whose work ranges from publications to research and event management. She earned her A.A.B. and B.F.A. in graphic design from the University of Akron and recently graduated with an M.F.A. from The Ohio State University with her thesis in Design Research & Development. Her focus is the lack of diversity in design disciplines. Through her firm designExplorr, she mentors young designers on portfolio presentation, professional development and career planning.

Jessica Arana, AIGA Los Angeles
México-born Jessica is an independent designer and passionate storyteller with an insatiable curiosity for brand, company, and social culture. She has a multifaceted background in art and design with a BFA from SVA and MA in Ethnic Studies. Her thesis focuses on multiracial identity and creative strategies for crossing and challenging racial boundaries. Her interests in culture and identity, social justice, Latina/o art, and girl-centered activism set her apart as a designer with passion and purpose.

Maurice Cherry, AIGA Atlanta
Maurice is the editor-in-chief of Revision Path, host of the Revision Path podcast, and curator of 28 Days of the Web. He is also principal at Lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, and the founder/chairman emeritus of the Black Weblog Awards. Maurice has taught courses on web design and WordPress for Mediabistro, DeVry University, and other institutions. He was named one of Atlanta’s “Power 30 Under 30″ in the field of Science and Technology by the Apex Society, and one of HP’s “50 Tech Tastemakers” in conjunction with Black Web 2.0.

Gus Granger, AIGA DFW
Gus is the founding principal of 70kft, a brand communications firm located in downtown Dallas. Under his leadership, the firm has served such major client brands as Verizon, HP, Haier and VMware. He has been involved with AIGA at the national and local levels, serving as president of AIGA Dallas Fort Worth and locally leading the Design for Democracy Initiative. His work has been recognized by AIGA, Adobe, Architectural Digest, Communication Arts, DSVC and both the London and New York Flash Film Festivals.

Stacey Hanako Sundar, AIGA New York
Stacey is an emerging designer with a background in healthcare who studied communication design at FIT. She has had many successful collaborations with leading nonprofits such as the Brooklyn Hospital Foundation, the Door and University Settlement, the Reading Reform Foundation, and Control Arms. She recognizes the need to increase diversity in the design industry and is dedicated to bringing marginalized voices to the forefront in order to create a more equitable society.

Episode schedule

  • 5-minute introduction by moderator Laetitia Wolff, AIGA director of strategic initiatives
  • 10-minute presentation by Jacinda
  • 5-7 minute presentation by Gus
  • 5-7 minute presentation by Maurice
  • 5-7 minute presentation by Jessica
  • 5-7 minute presentation by Stacey
  • 20-25 minute conversation with guests followed by a Q&A with webcast attendees

Previous webcast episodes

Webcast 1: Inclusion by design: The design census
Thursday, December 8, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. EST
This episode addressed the opportunities to make the design profession more inclusive and AIGA membership more diverse, the challenges of communicating around these sensitive issues, and the fundamental hope of inviting new voices, practices, and perspectives into the design field.
Watch the video now.

About the series

Mixing practical information and instruction with inspiration stories, the Diversity & Inclusion webcast series continues to offer opportunities for dialog, leadership development, and training. It will feature select guest speakers—AIGA members, task force representatives and beyond—who are active practitioners in the fields of social justice design. While sharing their approaches to diversity in design they will demonstrate, through stories and advice, how designers can develop solutions for complex societal issues and make us more inclusive.

Series format

All four webcasts, curated by the Diversity & Inclusion task force and moderated by AIGA strategic initiatives director Laetitia Wolff, will begin with one or two narrated slideshows (10–20 minutes) presented by webcast guest speakers, followed by a Q&A.

The Diversity & Inclusion webcast series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.