• AIGA executive director on coin design competition


    The U.S. Mint Is inviting designers to participate in a competition to design a commemorative silver dollar.

    We share this information with reservation. On the one hand, members have frequently encouraged AIGA to advocate opening up the opportunities for professionals to design currency and coinage. On the other hand, this is a spec competition. Typically, AIGA makes a strong case against spec work competitions and actually prevails in many cases, including once one that was a partnership between the White House and NEA.

    Usually we are successful when we get the regulations or procedures changed with staff in a government agency. In this case, the process is documented in law and while interest in a commemorative coin can launch legislation, a profession’s concern over the design selection process quite certainly is not going to drive Congress to change the law.

    So, while AIGA’s position on spec work does not change, we are sharing this announcement as information.

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