AIGA Design Jobs


AIGA Design Jobs is an exclusive job board for AIGA members. It is the first place AIGA members turn to find their next opportunity, and the premier place for employers seeking the most qualified designers. Job listings will be seen on for 45 days and may be featured on, on local AIGA chapter websites and in AIGA social media channels.

AIGA Sustaining Members and above receive discounted rates to post on Design Jobs—a $100 savings for each job listing. Learn more about joining AIGA and the benefits of membership.

Since 2004, AIGA Design Jobs has successfully matched talented candidates with nearly 10,000 jobs from firms, agencies and companies across the United States, including Amazon, Bloomberg, Facebook, Herman Miller, IDEO, Interbrand, MTV Networks and Nokia.

Customer support for the AIGA Design Jobs site is available via phone at 212 965 1998, Monday–Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also email your questions and inquiries, and we'll respond within one business day.


Finding a job

Do I have to be an AIGA member to search for jobs or employees?
In order to view the details of any job listing you must have a current AIGA membership and be logged into the site. If you’re not yet an AIGA member, find out how to join AIGA in order to view details of job listings.

I’m a current member, but I can’t get into the site.
If you have lost your AIGA member login information, use the “forgot my password” link at My AIGA to recover your credentials.

How do I search by specific skills or disciplines?
Refine your search using the “areas of practice” check boxes on the search form. Each check box designates a related cluster of professional specialties. You can also search by keyword.

How do I apply for a posted job?
Job applicants should contact the employer directly, using the contact information listed. Please note that AIGA is not responsible for any communication between you and the employer subsequent to the listing of employer contact information.

How do I know whether a job is still available?
Job postings on Design Jobs expire after 45 days if the employer does not delete it earlier. The date of the listing is included in the job posting details. If you see a job listed on the site, you can assume that the position is still available.

Finding a designer

How much does it cost to post a job listing?
One of the many benefits of AIGA membership is reduced rates for job postings. The rate for posting a job is $195 for nonmembers and $95 for Sustaining Members and above. 

What is the process for posting jobs on the site?
You will fill out a form with the job description, required skills, areas of practice and contact information. Within 24 hours, Design Jobs will review your job posting and add it to a searchable database of jobs, accessible to all site users. To post as a member and take advantage of the discounted rate, you must first log in with your AIGA site username and password or join AIGA.

How do I pay?
Payment is by credit card only. We do not accept payment by invoice or check.

What is your refund policy?
If you are unhappy with this service for any reason contact our customer support line at 1 212 965 1998 and your money will be promptly refunded.

How long will my job listing remain on the site?
Your listing will remain on the site for 45 days after you create it. After that, it will automatically expire. If you wish to remove a posting earlier than that you can contact customer support at 1 212 965 1998 or by .

How do I edit or remove my listing?
To edit or remove a job listing, you will need to contact the Design Jobs customer support by calling 1 888 756 8282 or by .

Do I have to be an AIGA member to post job listings?
No. Anyone can post job listings. Only AIGA members, however, can view complete job listings.

How do I let a job seeker know I'm interested?
If you find a candidate that interests you, you should contact that person directly, using the information provided.