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    Chinese-language editions

    Chinese-language editions of AIGA's Design Business and Ethics (top) and Mission.

    AIGA China was launched in 2007 to help to develop a community of professional designers in China, to share the direction of design education that is prevalent in the United States, and to provide open channels for American designers to learn about Chinese cultural norms and for Chinese designers to make links with American design and designers.

    AIGA China is represented on the web at www.aigachina.org, featuring a frequently updated selection of articles and resources in Chinese. The site translates content from AIGA’s website, provides a forum for original articles by Chinese designers and highlights AIGA China’s initiatives and activities.

    Sharing information

    Developing a network of educators and students within China and between Chinese designers and their American counterparts is paramount to AIGA China’s mission. The first Chinese-language edition of AIGA's Design Business and Ethics was published in June 2008. To date, over 32,000 copies have been distributed to Chinese designers, who are working in a design economy that has not yet developed the ethos and professional standards that have evolved in other countries. The Chinese edition of AIGA 365: Year in Design 29 is now available on Amazon.cn and dangdang.com. A sample of this annual is available for download. More publishing projects are planned.

    The AIGA Design Archives are available as a teaching resource for instructors. This is part of an overall strategy to address the needs of students throughout China—reaching beyond the large, coastal cities to other locales where quality design programs are beginning to take hold. By sharing resources such as these with designers in China, AIGA can play an active role in bringing the next generation of China's designers into the world design economy.

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    Visit the AIGA China website for articles and resources in Chinese.

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