50 Books/50 Covers Competition

Call for Entries: “50 Books/50 Covers of 2014”

The “50 Books/50 Covers” competition for books published in 2014 is now closed. The deadline was March 18, 2015.

50 Books 50 Covers image 2012AIGA members are invited to enter books worthy of consideration in one of two categories: books or covers. Books include trade, special editions, letterpress, and digital productions that are in English (or bilingual with English text). Final selections will be made by a jury of Design Observer editors and contributors and will be published on Design Observer.

How to enter: See the guidelines page on the Design Observer website. The entry fee is $45 per book.

Questions? Contact 5050 [at] designobserver.com

About this competition

“50 Books/50 Covers” has a long history of celebrating design excellence, with selections exemplifying the best current work in book and book cover design as chosen by a distinguished jury of design peers. The annual competition developed from AIGA's “Fifty Books of 1923” exhibition and past selections have been added to the AIGA Design Archives as well as the physical archives at the Denver Art Museum and in Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Collection at the Butler Library. Since 2011, the competition has been managed by Design Observer.

Justified: AIGA Design Competition” represents the next generation of AIGA’s competitions and seeks stories that reveal the value design created for the client. For book design, AIGA encourages entry in both competitions. 

Past selections

See the 2013 book selections, the 2013 book cover selections and read the press announcement.

See the 2012 book selections, the 2012 book cover selections and read the press announcement.

See the 2011 book selections, the 2011 book cover selections and read the press announcement. One hundred books—50 books and 50 book covers—were selected as the best designed in 2011 through a partnership with Design Observer and Designers & Books.

Selections from prior years’ “50 Books/50 Covers” competition are featured in the AIGA Design Archives online.