Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Thanks to those who applied to serve on the 2017-2018 AIGA Diversity & Inclusion task force. The application is now closed: candidates will be notified of the result in the coming weeks via email.

About the task force

Task force members support to the initiative by raising awareness, offering guidance to the organization and its members, and by participating in purposeful dialogues and activities.

The Diversity & Inclusion task force is organized in four action-oriented committees:

The programming development and implementation committee, led by AIGA/NY member Stacey Hanako Sundar
, acts as the resource to produce new models for innovative, targeted programming that can reach out to new audiences, and easily replicated at chapter level, or as templates of good practice for grant submissions.

The content and awareness committee, led by AIGA Atlanta Maurice Cherry
, sources relevant information relating to diversity and inclusion in design, collects insights and raises awareness in D&I stories, challenges and successes for the underrepresented in design.

The education and community committee, led by AIGA LA Jessica Arana
, explore partnerships with educational institutions and community and minority-based organizations interested in design education, diversity and inclusion.

The guidance and support committee, led by AIGA Dallas Gus Granger
, reviews members’ concerns that pertain to D&I issues and representation, aiming to diffuse potential biases. This group will provide a set of best practices and time-sensitive expert recommendations both for chapters and for the AIGA office when facing communications crisis.

Meet the task force


Jacinda Walker 150x150Jacinda Walker, AIGA Cleveland (@magentaprints)
Jacinda is a designer, entrepreneur and instructor who proudly calls Cleveland home. Her work ranges from publications to research and event management. She earned her A.A.B. and B.F.A. in graphic design from the University of Akron. Currently, she is pursuing an M.F.A. at The Ohio State University in Design Research & Development. Her focus is the lack of diversity in design disciplines and what is an effective tool to expose African-American and Latino youth to design-related careers. She proudly mentors young designers on portfolio presentation, professional development and career planning.

Chair Emerita

Antionette Carroll 150Antionette Carroll, AIGA Saint Louis (@acarrolldesign)
Antionette is the founder and executive director of Creative Reaction Lab, a social enterprise cultivating creative leadership to improve the human experience through immersive challenges. Throughout her career, she has worked for social justice, human rights, and diversity and inclusion nonprofits—with her last position being head of communications for Diversity Awareness Partnership. She currently serves as president of AIGA Saint Louis and also sits on several awards and programming committees for local and national nonprofits. (Photo by Attilio D'Agostino and Faces of the Movement)



Task Force

Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi 150x150Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi, AIGA Austin (@bodega_visual)
Claudia has a mouthful of a name, and she pronounces it with such pride and bravado you'd think Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata were whispering in her ear. She is an eclectic pop culturist who will send you images from a Spanish design firm's portfolio and listen to a 1970s Charro record while explaining the history of her vintage furniture. Claudia is currently designing at Sanders/Wingo Advertising and is sole proprietor of Bodega Visual Estudio as well as one third of Puro Chingón Collective. She also serves on the AIGA Austin chapter board as volunteer director and programming chair.

Jessica AranaJessica Arana, AIGA Los Angeles
Jessica is an independent designer and passionate storyteller with an insatiable curiosity for brand, company, and social culture. She has a multifaceted background in art and design with a BFA from SVA and MA (with distinction) in Ethnic Studies. Her double thesis project (written and creative) focused on multiracial identity and creative strategies for crossing and challenging racial boundaries. Her interests in culture and identity, social justice, Latina/o art, and girl-centered activism set her apart as a designer with passion and purpose. Jessica was born in México, trained in NYC, and is now based in LA.

Maurice Cherry 150x150Maurice Cherry, AIGA Atlanta (@mauricecherry)
Maurice is the editor-in-chief of Revision Path, host of the Revision Path podcast, and curator of 28 Days of the Web. He is also principal at Lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, and the founder/chairman emeritus of the Black Weblog Awards. Maurice has taught courses on web design and WordPress for Mediabistro, DeVry University, and other institutions. He was named one of Atlanta’s “Power 30 Under 30″ in the field of Science and Technology by the Apex Society, and one of HP’s “50 Tech Tastemakers” in conjunction with Black Web 2.0.

Aldrena Corder 150x150Aldrena Corder, AIGA South Carolina
Aldrena is the creative director for the Communications Division at the South Carolina Bar. A graduate of Columbia College of South Carolina, she is also a design freelancer with primary clientele among non-profits and community service-oriented businesses. Aldrena is the owner of the Etsy shop Handmade in South Carolina by drenie, where she creates a variety of crafts. Currently, she is studying design as a graduate student at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Aldrena lives in Columbia, the state capital, with her husband and two young children.


Carlos Estrada 150x150Carlos Estrada, AIGA West Michigan (@estradaworks)
Carlos Estrada is an information designer for Herman Miller, translating data driven processes into infographics and creating digital books and layouts within Office 365. He serves as diversity director for AIGA West Michigan with a background in publishing, packaging and branding. He values risk, commitment and collaboration to create lasting relationships and results. Living on the lakeshore of West Michigan, he also enjoys working on stage as an emcee and comic.


Gus Granger 150x150Gus Granger,AIGA Dallas/Forth Worth (@gusgranger)
Gus is the founding principal of 70kft, a brand communications firm located in downtown Dallas. Under his leadership, the firm has served such major client brands as Verizon, HP, Haier and VMware. He has been involved with AIGA at the national and local levels, serving as president of AIGA Dallas/Fort Worth and locally leading the Design for Democracy Initiative. His work has been recognized by AIGA, Adobe, Architectural Digest, Communication Arts, DSVC and both the London and New York Flash Film Festivals.

Dian Holton 150x150
Dian Holton
, AIGA DC (@dianholton)
Dian is a deputy art director at AARP and a part-time visual/brand associate for GAP Inc. Her background includes publishing (print/digital), integrated marketing, branding, retail installation and styling. She currently serves on the AIGA Washington DC chapter board as the Mentoring and Design Continuum Fund director. Her passions include education, philanthropy, fashion and pop culture.


Tim Hykes 150x150Tim Hykes, AIGA St Louis (@timothyhykes)
Tim is a design student at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. He is an extremely creative designer/developer who believes in "diverasign," an idea that diversity in design can lead to meaningful and innovative approaches in strategic design thinking and design craft. He has interned for Answers.com and Spoke Marketing and freelanced for Lincoln University of Missouri and the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA). Tim is currently working on increasing his talents and understanding of design problem solving.


Kelly Knaga 150x150Kelly Knaga, AIGA Chicago (@kellyknaga)
Kelly is a designer, professor, farmer and artist who homesteads part-time on an acre of land just outside Chicago. When she's not teaching at IU Northwest, Kelly serves as an advocate for Chicago's creative community and arts education through her work as the director of communications for AIGA Chicago. She also sits on the EPIC Board of Directors and is content director for the Hike Conferences. She is slowly fulfilling her dream of hiking every single U.S. National Park and is always up for a great adventure.


John Luu 150x150John Luu, AIGA Houston (@stimulacra)
John is an art director and digital marketer at Axiom with more than 13 years of agency experience. He works with clients to develop product branding, advertising and integrated screen and print communication programs with an emphasis on creative solutions for energy-focused companies. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, he fuses marketing strategy with compelling creative to solve business problems and drive opportunities for clients worldwide. He graduated from the University of Houston with a B.F.A. in Graphic Communications.


Julio Martinez 150x150Julio Martinez, AIGA San Francisco
Born in México City, Julio started his career at Pentagram working on branding, print, packaging, exhibition and web design. He is a co-founder and creative director at studio1500, a design firm based in San Francisco that focuses on brand development and building collaborative relationships with clients large and small. His clients include the San Francisco Arts Commission, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and the Computer History Museum. He joined the Graphic Design Faculty at San José State University in 2010 and began serving on the AIGA San Francisco Board of Directors in 2012.

Lennie Mowris 150x150Lennie Mowris, AIGA Atlanta (@lenspeace)
Lennie serves AIGA Atlanta as board chair for Affinity Programming, focusing her passion toward The Living Principles for Design, Design for Good, Women's Leadership, and Diversity & Inclusion. She believes in the power of design to change the world for the better and her intentions are to solve problems, explore potential, examine identity, and create conscious art and design. She is inspired by masters of their craft, the power of each moment, and the kindness she's found in strangers.


Silas MunroSilas Munro, AIGA Cincinnatti (@siborg81)
Silas is designer, educator, and human who utilizes a multi-modal practice to inspire people to fully realize themselves in order to effect positive change on society as a whole. He is particularly interested in the often unaddressed post-colonial relationship between design and marginalized communities. Silas serves as principal of his design studio Poly-Mode, assistant professor of Art and Graduate Director of Experience design at Miami University, and advisor in the M.F.A. program in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Nakita Pope 150x150Nakita Pope, AIGA Atlanta (@brandingchicks)
Nakita is the owner and chief chick of Branding Chicks, a boutique branding and graphic design firm in Atlanta. She helps women make their dreams come true by giving their brands voice and life through strategic marketing and design. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with businesses large and small as a graphic designer, marketer, professor and brand expert. These experiences provided a pathway to creating Branding Chicks, which specializes in marketing for women-owned businesses and brands whose primary target market is women.


Ruki Ravikumar 150x150Ruki Ravikumar, AIGA Oklahoma (@rukiravikumar)
Ruki is originally from Chenai, India. She presently serves as the associate dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her cross-cultural life and design experience has led her to research, present and publish work that investigates the intersections between graphic design and culture and their impact on design education. She has a long history with AIGA through service as a board member of AIGA Oklahoma, AIGA's Design Educators Community steering committee and the AIGA National Board.


Jason Stevens 150x150Jason Stevens, AIGA Boston (@commoncontent)
Jason is a creative strategist and project manager who transforms ideas into experiences, products and services. As a strategist, his style is defined by a combination of thinking broadly, a willingness to embrace uncertainty and an eye for recognizing patterns. As a project manager, he approaches the creative process with a knack for team building, a willingness to pivot when necessary and the discipline to preserve core values. Starting out as an engineer, Jason had to discover the Boston creative community to follow his passion for design.


Stacey SundarStacey Hanako Sundar, AIGA New York (@staceysundar)
Stacey is an emerging designer with a background in healthcare who studied communication design at FIT. She has had many successful collaborations with leading nonprofits such as the Brooklyn Hospital Foundation, the Door and University Settlement, the Reading Reform Foundation, and Control Arms. She recognizes the need to increase diversity in the design industry and is dedicated to bringing marginalized voices to the forefront in order to create a more equitable society.