• Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision

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    Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    About the project
    Countless neighborhoods lack access to high-quality food, face high unemployment and a disconnection between local businesses and residents. There are no real opportunities to invest in one’s immediate neighborhood, let alone receive investment from outsiders.

    By surveying the hyper-local communities, the Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision project by RESUSstudio seeks to incite in residents a vision of a community-driven grocery store that not only provides high quality food and produce, but also gives back to the community itself. Starting with three Chicago neighborhoods as a case study, the project aims to explore how to improve the relationship of a grocery store to its community.

    Next steps
    After deploying a comprehensive local survey, the project will create and visually summarize the unique vitals of a community—residents’ habits, its buying power and its distinct conditions. This will offer an empowering sense of identity and a vision of a community asset—a grocery store—that residents can support and be proud of.

    Learn more about the Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision and contact RESUSstudio to lend your support!

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