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AIGA’s chapters allow our members to form powerful social and professional bonds through conferences, competitions, lectures and community events. Get engaged and get involved. Connect with a chapter in your area!

Founded: 2010
President: Erin Hamilton
Contact: president@alaska.aiga.org
Number of members: 86
Website: http://alaska.aiga.org
Founded: 1988
President: Niki Blaker
Contact: niki@blakerdesign.com
Number of members: 410
Website: http://arizona.aiga.org
Founded: 1988
President: David Laufer
Contact: david@aiga-atl.org
Number of members: 625
Website: http://atlanta.aiga.org
Founded: 1997
President: Bart Kibbe
Contact: president@aigaaustin.org
Number of members: 512
Website: http://austin.aiga.org
Founded: 1988
President: Stacey Fatica / Jennifer Marin
Contact: president@baltimore.aiga.org
Number of members: 430
Website: http://baltimore.aiga.org
Founded: 1987
President: Richard Dendy / Min Sun Lee
Contact: aigabham@gmail.com
Number of members: 131
Website: http://birmingham.aiga.org
Blue Ridge
Founded: 2003
President: Jess Dean
Contact: president@blueridge.aiga.org
Number of members: 50
Website: http://blueridge.aiga.org
Founded: 1983
President: Mat Budelman
Contact: info@boston.aiga.org
Number of members: 903
Website: http://boston.aiga.org
Brand Central
Founded: 2008
President: Cheryl Swanson
Contact: cheryl@toniq.com
Number of members: 71
Website: http://brandcentral.aiga.org
Central Pennsylvania
Founded: 2005
President: Joshua Buckwalter
Contact: president@centralpa.aiga.org
Number of members: 178
Website: http://centralpa.aiga.org
Founded: 2000
President: Kevin Brindley
Contact: kbrindleyl@aigacharlotte.org
Number of members: 278
Website: http://www.aigacharlotte.org
Founded: 2004
President: Cathi Cannon
Contact: president@chattanooga.aiga.org
Number of members: 81
Website: http://chattanooga.aiga.org
Founded: 1986
President: Sara Frisk
Contact: info@chicago.aiga.org
Number of members: 1868
Website: http://chicago.aiga.org
Founded: 1986
President: Mark Thomas
Contact: membership@aigacincinnati.org
Number of members: 516
Website: http://cincinnati.aiga.org
Founded: 1984
President: Maggie Crosswhite
Contact: president@cleveland.aiga.org
Number of members: 363
Website: http://cleveland.aiga.org
Founded: 1989
President: Helen Young
Contact: president@aigacolorado.org
Number of members: 591
Website: http://colorado.aiga.org
Founded: 2008
President: Christian LoGrasso
Contact: president@connecticut.aiga.org
Number of members: 230
Website: http://connecticut.aiga.org
Dallas Fort Worth
Founded: 1983
President: Gus Granger
Contact: president@dallas.aiga.org
Number of members: 366
Website: http://dallasftworth.aiga.org
Founded: 1986
President: Kimmie Parker
Contact: kparker@detroit.aiga.org
Number of members: 424
Website: http://detroit.aiga.org
Hampton Roads
Founded: 2005
President: Amanda Geisaka
Contact: president@hamptonroads.aiga.org
Number of members: 141
Website: http://hamptonroads.aiga.org
Founded: 1990
President: Angelica Rabang
Contact: angelica.rabang@gmail.com
Number of members: 189
Website: http://honolulu.aiga.org
Founded: 1998
President: Andy Rich
Contact: info@houston.aiga.org
Number of members: 561
Website: http://houston.aiga.org
Founded: 2008
President: Steve Norell
Contact: president@aigaidaho.org
Number of members: 73
Website: http://idaho.aiga.org
Founded: 1991
President: Josh Cook
Contact: president@indianapolis.aiga.org
Number of members: 319
Website: http://indianapolis.aiga.org
Founded: 1994
President: Kate Corman
Contact: info@aigaiowa.org
Number of members: 268
Website: http://iowa.aiga.org
Founded: 1989
President: Jim Ward
Contact: hello@aigajacksonville.org
Number of members: 226
Website: http://jacksonville.aiga.org
Kansas City
Founded: 1989
President: Meghan Still / Jeff Shumway
Contact: president@kansascity.aiga.org
Number of members: 604
Website: http://kc.aiga.org
Founded: 1989
President: Cordelia Norris
Contact: communications@knoxville.aiga.org
Number of members: 100
Website: http://knoxville.aiga.org
Las Vegas
Founded: 1999
President: Val Lehnerd
Contact: president@lasvegas.aiga.org
Number of members: 129
Website: http://lasvegas.aiga.org
Los Angeles
Founded: 1983
President: Jason Adam
Contact: jason@hexanine.com
Number of members: 1186
Website: http://losangeles.aiga.org
Founded: 2005
President: Sean Wilkinson / Arielle Walrath
Contact: president@maine.aiga.org
Number of members: 106
Website: http://maine.aiga.org
Founded: 2005
President: JD Graffam
Contact: jd@simplefocus.com
Number of members: 115
Website: http://memphis.aiga.org
Founded: 1986
President: Arlyn Hernandez
Contact: president@miami.aiga.org
Number of members: 193
Website: http://miami.aiga.org
Founded: 1986
President: Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw
Contact: office@aigaminnesota.org
Number of members: 1502
Website: http://www.aigaminnesota.org
Founded: 2001
President: Taylor Schena
Contact: president@nashville.aiga.org
Number of members: 204
Website: http://nashville.aiga.org
Founded: 1990
President: Craig Hughes
Contact: president@nebraska.aiga.org
Number of members: 293
Website: http://nebraska.aiga.org
New Mexico
Founded: 2002
President: Lori Patton
Contact: president@newmexico.aiga.org
Number of members: 79
Website: http://newmexico.aiga.org
New Orleans
Founded: 1999
President: Samantha Barnes
Contact: president@aiganeworleans.org
Number of members: 135
Website: http://neworleans.aiga.org
New York
Founded: 1983
President: Willy Wong
Contact: info@aigany.org
Number of members: 3400
Website: http://www.aigany.org
New York, Upstate
Founded: 1989
President: Sarah Burns
Contact: hello@upstatenewyork.aiga.org
Number of members: 234
Website: http://upstatenewyork.aiga.org
Founded: 1996
President: Ruki Ravikumar
Contact: aigaokpresident@gmail.com
Number of members: 156
Website: http://oklahoma.aiga.org
Orange County
Founded: 1995
President: Scott Weisgerber
Contact: info@orangecounty.aiga.org
Number of members: 221
Website: http://orangecounty.aiga.org
Founded: 2000
President: Sarah Blacksher
Contact: president@orlando.aiga.org
Number of members: 150
Website: http://orlando.aiga.org
Founded: 1981
President: Nick Prestileo / Lauren Dougherty
Contact: president@aigaphilly.org
Number of members: 636
Website: http://philadelphia.aiga.org
Founded: 1988
President: Doris Short
Contact: info@pittsburgh.aiga.org
Number of members: 467
Website: http://pittsburgh.aiga.org
Founded: 1991
President: Angela Reat
Contact: info@portland.aiga.org
Number of members: 330
Website: http://aigaportland.org
Founded: 1985
President: Jonathan Opp / Joe Schram
Contact: info@raleigh.aiga.org
Number of members: 298
Website: http://raleigh.aiga.org
Reno Tahoe
Founded: 2006
President: Tyler St. Pierre
Contact: info@renotahoe.aiga.org
Number of members: 46
Website: http://renotahoe.aiga.org
Rhode Island
Founded: 2004
President: Philip Hawthorne
Contact: president@ri.aiga.org
Number of members: 149
Website: http://rhodeisland.aiga.org
Founded: 1990
President: John Hoar
Contact: president@richmond.aiga.org
Number of members: 204
Website: http://richmond.aiga.org
Salt Lake City
Founded: 1988
President: Arlo Vance
Contact: secretary@slc.aiga.org
Number of members: 257
Website: http://saltlakecity.aiga.org
San Antonio
Founded: 2010
President: Ali Palmerson
Contact: president@aiga-sa.org
Number of members: 116
Website: http://sanantonio.aiga.org
San Diego
Founded: 1987
President: Bobby Buchanan
Contact: info@aigasandiego.org
Number of members: 437
Website: http://sandiego.aiga.org
San Francisco
Founded: 1983
President: David Hisaya Asari
Contact: aiga@aigasf.org
Number of members: 1693
Website: http://www.aigasf.org
Santa Barbara
Founded: 2007
President: Patty Devlin-Driskel
Contact: president@santabarbara.aiga.org
Number of members: 72
Website: http://santabarbara.aiga.org
Founded: 1985
President: Aaron Shurts
Contact: president@seattle.aiga.org
Number of members: 801
Website: http://www.aigaseattle.org
South Carolina
Founded: 2004
President: Gene Crawford
Contact: president@southcarolina.aiga.org
Number of members: 107
Website: http://southcarolina.aiga.org
South Dakota
Founded: 2006
President: Tiffany Menke
Contact: info@southdakota.aiga.org
Number of members: 128
Website: http://southdakota.aiga.org
St. Louis
Founded: 1989
President: Enrique Von Rohr
Contact: enrique@aigastlouis.org
Number of members: 358
Website: http://stlouis.aiga.org
Tampa Bay
Founded: 2006
President: Jared Lantzman / Samantha Johnson
Contact: info@tampabay.aiga.org
Number of members: 104
Website: http://tampabay.aiga.org
Founded: 2007
President: Matt Rowland
Contact: president@toledo.aiga.org
Number of members: 106
Website: http://toledo.aiga.org
Triad North Carolina
Founded: 2012
President: Elliot Strunk
Contact: elliot@fifth-letter.com
Number of members: 117
Website: http://triadnc.aiga.org
Founded: 2007
President: Michelle Hobbs
Contact: president@vermont.aiga.org
Number of members: 102
Website: http://vermont.aiga.org
Washington, DC
Founded: 1984
President: Anthony Dihle
Contact: info@aigadc.org
Number of members: 1145
Website: http://dc.aiga.org
West Michigan
Founded: 2009
President: Gwen O'Brien
Contact: hello@westmichigan.aiga.org
Number of members: 285
Website: http://westmichigan.aiga.org
Founded: 1987
President: Doug Stucky
Number of members: 59
Website: http://wichita.aiga.org
Founded: 2008
President: Chris Klein
Contact: president@wisconsin.aiga.org
Number of members: 484
Website: http://wisconsin.aiga.org