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    AIGA strategic framework: 2014-2020

    The following strategic framework will guide AIGA’s planning for the rest of the decade.

    AIGA is a global community of design advocates and practitioners.


    To advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force.


    AIGA brings design to the world, and the world to designers. As the profession’s largest community, we advance design as a respected craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. From content that defines the global practice to events that connect and catalyze, we work to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design on business, society and our collective future.

    Focus on Design

    Goal: Communicate, celebrate and demonstrate the value of design to business, government, media and the public

    1. Establish AIGA as a respected, authoritative voice in matters of design
    2. Represent interests of U.S. designers in business practice, laws, civic experience and public perception
    3. Inspire designers and the public by celebrating design excellence
    4. Promote the value of design thinking
    5. Promote the social impact and social value of design
    6. Recognize and preserve the creative achievements and legacy of designers
    7. Stimulate dialogue on important design issues

    Focus on Designers

    Goal: Empower designers across the arc of their careers

    1. Offer opportunities for professional development at each stage of a designer’s career
    2. Celebrate diverse design approaches and new emerging practices
    3. Increase ethnic and cultural diversity of the profession
    4. Define and advocate global standards, ethical practices and criteria for responsible design
    5. Establish criteria for design education that meet the needs of the profession
    6. Offer powerful tools and accessible resources for professional development

    Focus on Members and Chapters

    Goal: Engage members and empower chapters to create vital communities and supportive networks

    1. Offer effective tools, resources, platforms and strategies to enhance chapter activities and facilitate member participation
    2. Support and facilitate interactions, collaborations and learnings among chapters
    3. Empower chapters to effectively pursue activities
    4. Grow membership and associated revenue through broadening and deepening strategies
    5. Provide opportunities for online and face-to-face gatherings of members and chapters
    6. Integrate the AIGA community into the global community of designers

    Focus on Organizational Viability

    Goal: Ensure a well-managed, financially sound, and responsive professional organization

    1. Establish an endowment that will help fund the organization in perpetuity
    2. Create sufficient operational reserves to help weather economic downturns
    3. Maximize earned and contributed revenue opportunities through fees, licensing, sponsorship, planned gifts, etc.
    4. Seek new opportunities to support initiatives and programs through foundation and governmental grants
    5. Ensure that organizational resources (staff and budget) reflect and support key priorities
    6. Routinely review and report on the efficacy of key programs and initiatives to the board
    7. Ensure effective and transparent communications among board, staff, chapters and members
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