• Geographics: Design, Education and the Transnational Terrain


    December 13–15, 2012
    The East-West Center and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

    Geographics: Design, Education and the Transnational TerrainThe AIGA Design Educators Community and AIGA Honolulu invite you to attend “Geographics” to learn about the design projects, programs, and research that a global body of educators are implementing within transnational contexts. The conference will feature two full days of papers and presentations that address how design is moving back and forth between design educators and students living in different parts of the world.

    Many design educators in different parts of the world today are working in what may be called a transnational context. The boundaries that define the field of higher education have become increasingly fluid, and professors, students, programs, and curricula are moving back and forth between distant regions of the world as never before. The design projects, research, and institutions that result retain a unique cultural complexity because they promote meanings and values that often transcend the cultures and boundaries of the nations within which they originate.

    The “AIGA Design Educators Conference—Geographics: Design, Education and the Transnational Terrain” will provide international design educators the opportunity to share examples of design projects and programs that have been implemented within a transnational context, while allowing others to present theoretical or reflective positions about what it means to design within a transnational context today.

    By examining the movement of design projects, ideas, and institutions throughout a wide variety of global contexts, the conference will provide a forum for discussion about design education, and how design educators can formulate pedagogic and research objectives that better respond to their own transnational contexts. 

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